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"There comes a point of time, when fleshlights must depart, and when that time comes, the skies from above will darken.

Do not give hope up, for the grace of Pete will take that darkness away."

- Toysinmotion verse 1:69




centrsnabdelty - 09/19/2019 - 10:17

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GodFather - 09/04/2019 - 01:39


GodFather - 09/04/2019 - 01:39


Maestro - 08/30/2019 - 07:32

How the mighty have fallen! The newest Remedy game "Control" game is ****ING DISGUSTING PIECE OF CRAP!

unamed - 08/25/2019 - 13:07

black zombie alias black mamba sheater


Game Servers

Our Services

We offer players a place to play without all the rules and regulations that are often seen in other servers. Want to play anonymously or don't want to play under the same alias? Tired of being accused / banned for cheating when you are really just a good player? You can play here without having to worry. We frequently check for cheaters but do not ban players for wanting to just play the game or for having a superior skill set. You can also play however you like on our servers, no rules restricting gameplay. Camp, no camp, spawn kill, flag camp. It makes no difference here, just have fun and play the game.

Soldier of Fortune 2 Features:

o One of the few if not only smart servers around.
o Deathmatch and various Team related gametypes
o Unique maps
o Uniquely crafted gametypes (Survival and Zombie)
o Public voting system (Plenty of Options)
o Optimized server settings for balanced gameplay
o Integrated competition PUG settings
o Bug fixes
o Synchronized Stats

Registration Benefits

We provide all registered users the ability to personalize their own map along with settings. These maps are included into our server automatically when you reach the Top 25 in the SoF2 stats. In addition to personalized maps you can also provide input and feedback on new features, participate in active discussions, consolidate your stats and more!

Our Mod

Our mod began as a small client interface put together to allow people to easily utilize the servers features. As time progressed more features were added and more things were fixed. Now it has grown into a large scale mod with unique never before seen features.

Latest version: X 1.2

Server Files

Last Updated: 08/25/2019

Download Here

Client Files

Last updated: 07/21/2019 (Patched 08/05/2019)

Download Here


o More Player Skins (Ft. Sissy Boy)
o Improved Graphical Interface
o Improved User Menu Options
o Emoticons with browser (Based off of the late MSN & Yahoo messengers.)
o Improved Anti-Cheat and User Verification
o Enhanced Player Stats
o Hall of shame awards
o High Broadband Optimization (No longer based on dial up)
o Customizable User Interface
o New Sound Effects (Based on SoF1)
o Thirdperson
o Unlocked Weapons
o Country Flags
o Unique SoF2 Gametypes (Survival & Zombies)
o Sissy Mode
o Integrated TeamSpeak
o Avatars (MDK Site and Facebook supported)
o High-Speed Downloads
o Improved Ghoul2 Gore
o Improved Visual Fx
o Player victory music
o Improved chat interface
o Beta version sounds
o And Plenty of More!

Mod Installation:

In order to manually install the mod you will need to place the .pk3 file into your MDK folder located in your Soldier of Fortune 2 directory. Be sure to delete any old versions of the mod from the MDK folder along with sof2mp_uix86 if present. If you do not have an MDK directory please post on our forum for assistance. You can also download the mod directly from our server.

Custom Maps

Our server has custom maps that may be played from time to time. You can find/download them here

Map Installation:

To install the maps, you can place them inside of your "base" folder located inside of your Soldier of Fortune 2 directory, once done simply close/re-open SoF2. If you have any issues please visit our forum.