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Proper File Setup


For players:

Please download our client mod to start. You can get it here <client mod>




<Note> If you are on Windows Vista and above and installed SoF2 in Program Files, read the Detailed Version.

1.) Download MDK Client Mod Above

2.) Go to your SoF2 Directory

3.) Find MDK folder or Make one if none exist

4.) Delete old mods and sof2mp_uix86.dll if exist

5.) Place new mod file in MDK folder

6.) Run SoF2




It is recommended to download the mod from the server to perform these steps automatically.

To do so, simply enable your downloads before connecting to the MDK server:

Type cl_allowDownload "1" into the console or select the option in the main menu under Network Settings > Allow Download

The following is for those who wish to install the mod manually or who have problems with the automatic download method.


Note: Windows Vista operating systems and above have added security in the Program Files directories. This will require additional steps if your game is installed there.

You should also be completely out of the game before attempting to install any new mods.


1.) Locate your Soldier of Fortune II directory. By default SoF2 is installed in your C:\Program Files folder. (Drive letter may vary)

<Users not installed in Program Files or who have Windows xp and below can skip to step 4>


2.) If you have an MDK folder, ensure that there are no PK3 files located inside as well as the file sof2mp_uix86.dll. If any of these files exists, simply remove them.


3.) Navigate to the following location or insert it into the search box near the start button (Be sure to replace the <username> text with your Windows username.

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix


4.) Place the <client mod> mdk_mod_X_1.2.pk3 inside of your MDK Folder. If the folder does not exist, you will need to create one.

If the folder exists be sure to delete all previous versions of the mod (prefixed mdk_mod) as well as delete the file sof2mp_uix86.dll if it exists.

In addition to this be sure to remove any custom sound packs or modification from this folder. Map files can be left in place but if they contain other modifications along with the map data they may cause irregularities.

Note: The MDK mod isolates each server into it's own folder to prevent files from overriding each other and to allow each server you visit to have their own custom PK3 files such as soundpacks and skins.

If you plan on manually installing mods for other servers you will need to locate the IP address of that server (as a folder) and place the PK3 files inside of there.

If a folder does not exist, you will need to visit the server first or create a folder for it with it's IP address <an underscore should replace all dots . and a double underscore for the colon :>


5.) Start up SoF2MP.exe

Before connecting to a server, to prevent the old download system from kicking in you will need to disable your downloads either via the main menu under Network Settings > Allow Download or via the console by entering cl_allowDownload "0"

Upon connecting to a server using the MDK mod you should notice a different loading screen with the MDK logo/Icon.

When entering the game, access the scores screen (Default key TAB) and locate your name. If the mod was successfully installed, your name should display the text AC Verified or a V if in a team game.

If these are not your results, please verify that all of the steps were followed closely or post on our forum <here>



For server admins:

Please download our server files to start. You can get the files here <server files>


Note: It is recommended to have the server offline before making the following changes.

<Users not setting up a dedicated server can skip to step 3>


1.) When setting up a dedicated server you will need to make sure the following is declared:

+set fs_game MDK

+exec startup.cfg

Here is a complete sample of a command line string. 

+set rconpassword mypassword +set fs_game MDK +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 20100 +exec startup.cfg

Note: If you are uncertain of how to apply changes to the command line you may need to open a support ticket with your server host to make the changes.


2.) Access your server via FTP or web based file manager.

For FTP use, <CoffeeCup free FTP> is recommended.

You will need to obtain your FTP login information from your provider to access the server's FTP.

3.) Navigate to your root SoF2 folder (or Installation Path). You should see a base folder as well as an MDK folder if previously booted.

Open or extract the <server files> archive file.


4.) Copy the files from <server files>/base folder into your servers base folder.

This will include the following 4 files:






5.) Copy the entire <server files>/MDK folder into your server's directory, replacing any existing MDK folder.

When copied, you should have at the minimum 2 folders:



The base folder will be used strictly for map PK3's. Mods should not go into this directory.

The MDK folder should only contain the two provided PK3's (mdk_mod_X_1.1_u2.pk3 and mdk_mod_X_1.2_p1.pk3) if you plan to have your guests download the MDK mod. (sv_allowDownload "1").

If you do not plan to have these PK3 files on your server, it is recommended to set sv_allowDownload "0".


6.) Start the server, if done correctly your server should appear online as "New MDK Mod Server" with bots populating it.

Take a look at the config files and modify them accordingly. Read below for more information regarding other aspects of the Mod.


Maps and Mods

 As mentioned before, non map and non MDK mod PK3's should not be placed in your server's directory.

Instead, we must do a few things differently.


1.) Open the startup.cfg located inside of your server's base folder.

You will see two entries:

sv_mapsURL ""

sv_paksURL ""

These cvars must be configured to a web directory that has been set as a repository for your custom PK3 files.

Map files must be placed inside of your server's base folder and inside of your web directory referenced in sv_mapsURL.

By default, the cvars point to the MDK website ( and is fine to leave them as is if there are no alternatives configured for your server.

Note: We must have the custom PK3's that are referenced on you server otherwise players will encounter errors when attempting to download them.

You can request that we upload them by posting on our forum and providing the files you'd like us to include.


2.) If you are to include custom PK3's such as soundpacks, skins or other files, you must locate the following cvar:

sv_paksRef ""

This is blank by default. To include your custom soundpacks, weapon mods or skins you must reference each one individually separated by a space with no .pk3 extension.

For example to reference:




You would enter the following:

sv_paksRef "mysoundpack myweaponmod myskins"

You will need to make sure that the directory referenced in sv_paksURL has the custom PK3's uploaded to it.

Note: If you plan on providing the MDK mod to your players, be sure to also upload the following two files into your paksURL directory.



These files do not need to be referenced in sv_paksRef.


3.) Reboot the server after making the desired changes. If done correctly, players will download maps and mods from your server at high speeds.



Server Commands:


g_guestList [ 0 | 1 | 2 ]

When set to one or two will enable guest lists.

Having a guest list enabled will prevent anyone who is not on it from chatting and limit certain actions such as changing their names to once per map.

If guest list is set to one, anyone on the guest list or who has the mod will be allowed full guest privileges.

If set to two, only those explicitly on the list will be afforded guest privileges regardless if they have the mod.


g_sissyMode [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will transform everyone into a sissy.

Being a sissy will make you look flamboyant and make your chat text equally appealing.

In addition to this, being a sissy will make you whimper when killed and sparks will shoot out of you as you fly through the air.


g_classicFlag [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will enable Classic Capture the Flag mode.

In this mode, the flag will need to be touched by the owning team in order to return it.

The flag will not automatically return.


g_flagPassing [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will enable flag passing.

Flags can be passed by shooting at a teammate.


g_gunGame [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will enable gun game mode.

In a gun game, you begin with a knife and work your way up to an RPG.

Each time you kill someone your weapon upgrades. When you get killed the opposite occurs.


g_zombieDM [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will enable zombie deathmatch mode.

In a zombie deathmatch, everyone starts the map as a human. When killed, the player turns into a zombie.

As a zombie, you can slice players with a knife or toss fireballs (grenades). Zombies are faster, jump higher and can produce shockwaves to launch themselves forward/upward.

To use this ability, press the Reload button as a zombie when the armor bar is at full capacity (regenerates).

If a zombie gets two kills in a row of any kind or kills a human, they will revert back into a human.

Their victim will either stay a zombie or turn into one.


g_spreeRewards [ 0 | 1 ]

When set to one will enable killing spree rewards.

With killing spree rewards, if a player gets 5 kills in a row they attain an RPG with homing missiles.

These missiles will track a target after a brief moment of free flight navigation. If the player is killed before the missile reaches its target, the missile is suspended in place resembling a fireball and becomes a timed explosive.

If a player reaches 10 kills in a row, they are awarded air strike beacons. These beacons (smoke grenades) can be tossed at any location and will stay in place occasionally flashing until they signal an airstrike. The airstrikes are most useful outdoors since they can hit the ceiling of a building if you are indoors.

However a well placed airstrike indoors can also be efficient in killing players on the roof above you (mp_shop for example).


g_statsDisplayTime [10 Default]

Time the "Your Stats" screen is displayed

g_intermissionTime [0 Default]

The additional time the server will sit at the end screen until the next map is loaded.

g_healthValue [5 Default]

The value of the health that a player drops upon death.

g_armorValue [5 Default]

The value of the armor that a player drops upon death.

sv_antiCheat [ 0 | 1 | 2 ]

Setting it to 0 will turn off the anti cheat system.

 When set to 1 will enable the anti cheat system and still allow non mod users to play.

When set to 2 [Mod Only Mode] all players without the mod will be moved into spectate and be unable to play when a mod user joins the game.

When no mod users are in the game, all non mod players will be able to join the game.

Alternatively, they can request to play with the vote command callvote caniplay

An admin can also allow unverified players to play with the command adm allowplay id#


g_minPlayers [0 Default]

Sets the minimum players that can be in a map before it ends and cycles to the next one (30 second waiting period).

Setting this to 0 will disable the feature.


g_healing [0 | 1]

When set to 1 will enable healing during team games.

To heal, simply get within close range of a teammate and hold the USE key.

Each teammate will display their health status when within range.