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 M|)K Mod X Version 1.7



For Players

Automatic Installation


The easiest way a player can download the mod, is to do so automatically from any server running the MDK mod.

If the player is new to the mod, they will have to enable their downloads via the menu interface.

If a connecting player already has a prior instance of the mod, this setting is not needed.

Note: In the event the player receives an Update Error message, they will also then need to use this setting.


1.) Click Network Settings


2.) Click on the setting Allow Download, changing it from No to Yes


This can also be done in the console with the command cl_allowdownload "1"


3.) Connect to an MDK mod server



For Players

Manual Installation


1.) Download the updater file mdk_mod_X_1.6_u1.pk3 (Right click and Save Target As if the browser tries to read the file, save as .pk3)

Note: Some web browsers may attempt to save the file in .zip format.

If this occurs, simply type the extension .pk3 after the file name instead of the one provided.


2.) Place the file mdk_mod_X_1.6_u1.pk3 inside of your MDK folder directory <SoF2 Directory>/MDK

If the folder does not exist, you can create one.


If installed in the directory Program Files or Program Files (x86), you will be prompted for every action taken.

You also need to have admin to perform any changes there.


If you do not have admin or prefer to have no restrictions, you can copy the game directory to another location as any Program Files directory in any version of Windows Vista and up are write protected.

3.) Connect to any MDK mod server. If done correctly you will notice several different transitional screens until ultimately displaying the mod loading screen with the current version of the mod (1.7).



For Players


Note: For users installed in Program Files using Windows Vista and above, Windows has restricted this directory by default to read only.

It routes the files to an alternate folder called VirtualStore. This makes uninstalling and re-installing not so simple and may complicate the way some applications function.

If the methods above were followed and the mod is not loading correctly, this may be the reason why.


The following are some additional steps to help resolve the problem:

1.) Navigate to the following folder location, be sure to replace <username> with your computer's username.



2.) Locate your Soldier of Fortune 2 installation directory, in this example it is located in the following location:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix


3.) Copy the updater file mdk_mod_X_1.6_u1.pk3 into the MDK folder. (Right click and Save Target As if the browser tries to read the file, save as .pk3)

Note: For best results it is recommended to delete the MDK folder and create a new one before placing the updater file inside.


4.) Connect to an MDK mod server



For Players


The advanced way of installation is with the mod file directly.

This is only recommended for experienced users as installing the mod incorrectly could result in the mod not functioning properly.

1.) Download the mod file mdk_mod_X_1.7.pk3 (Right click and Save Target As if the browser tries to read the file, save as .pk3)

2.) Place the file inside of your Soldier of Fortune 2 directory

3.) Connect to an MDK mod server




For Server Admins


Note: If setting up a local server (Non dedicated), substitute the FTP references for your <SoF2 Directory>


1.) Download the server files  (Right click and Save Target As if the browser tries to read the file)

2.) Extract the files from the archive and place the contents into the base and MDK folders in your FTP directory. A free FTP program called CoffeeCup Free FTP is used in this guide.



3.) You will need to make sure the following is declared in your command line or batch file:

+set fs_game MDK

+exec startup.cfg

Here is a complete sample of a command line string.

+set rconpassword mypassword  +set fs_game MDK +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 20100 +exec startup.cfg

Note: If you are uncertain of how to apply changes to the command line you may need to open a support ticket with your server host to make the changes.


4.) Start your server, if done correctly you should notice a new server listed in the server browser named New MDK Mod Server with bots begining to populate it.


5.) Connect to your newly configured server. When in game, type the following command into the chat or console: \addme

This will add you as the very first sysop (System Operator) and prevent others from using this command.


Name editor


Unique to this mod, a built in name editor is one of the first things you will notice when selecting a player identity.


The color depiction for each character is 100% accurate and true to the game engine.


A player also has access to the extended ASCII character set without the need of manually inserting each character and with the benefit of seeing what each character looks like.

This can lead to many customizable options on demand when creating names.


User Profile


Another unique feature is the user profile. With this interface a user can customize a wide range of personal settings.


In the user profile, a player can choose to use a custom avatar. In this example, a Facebook ID was used for Activision.

The mod will automatically load the avatar each map however a user can specify to refresh the avatar immediately.


The player also has the option (At the discretion of the server admins) of selecting their own victory music.

This music will play at the end of the map should they happen to be first on the scoreboard.

These are just some of the settings available from the M|)K button in the menu bar interface.


Detailed Stats Interface


The scoreboard interface provides a sleek look while displaying numerous statistics.

Here you can find your accuracy along with all of your body specific hits (Deathmatch Only)


Everything from individual stats, intermission stats and even spectator stats are available.


In addition to your performance stats, there are plenty of other perks available such as the hall of shame awards and player quotes.


Three Team Games


Going beyond the typical Red and Blue teams.

You can now play with a third team (Green) and face your opponents.

Fully supports Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Elimination along with their Gun game, Classic Capture the Flag and Smear the Queer renditions.

It also still runs on any other game type but may not be fully operational.

The included Jordan Market Siege (mp_jor1) mod file is fully compatible with CTF.

Other map mod files will be provided in future updates.


Entity Editor Mode


You can now customize your own mod files with ease.

The mod includes a built in entity editor system that allows you to place anything from spawn points, gametype items to bsp structures and models.

To help keep things simple, any admin in the game can enter this mode with the following command \adm entmode <map>

Map is an optional field. If left blank it will apply this to the current map

Once in this mode, there are several commands that can be used to interact with the editor (User interface coming soon)


Command: \ent_sp <team>

This command is used to create spawn points within a map.

It will place a dummy model in place of where the spawn point will be located.

<team> can be: deathmatch, spectator, red, blue, green or d, s, r, b, g

The team value spectator is used for intermission targets.


Command: \ent_rot <id> <x y z>

This command is used to rotate any item within the xyz coordinates.

<id> is the identification of the item created which can be located in the console after each are created.

<x y z> the axis on which the rotation's occur


Command: \ent_move <id> <direction> <value>

This command is used to move an item from its current position.

<id> is the identification of the item created which can be located in the console after each are created.

<direction> can be: up, down, left, right, front, back

<value> optional: the amount to move the item (negative values can be used)


Command: \ent_pos <id> <x y z>

This command is used to position an item at specific xyz coordinates.

<id> is the identification of the item created which can be located in the console after each are created.

<x y z> the coordinate position values


Command: \ent_undo <id optional>

This command is used to remove the last object created

If <id> is left blank, it will remove the last object created.


Command: \ent_obj <id> <file>

This command is used to create model object items. Currently supports .md3 and .bsp models

Bsp models must not have any extension listed in the file name.

If adding a bsp object for the first time, the following command combination should be used to prevent getting kicked. If kicked, simply reconnect to resolve the issue.

Command: \ent_obj <id> <file>; reconnect

<file> the file path to the object

File used: models\objects\Finca\misc\moose.md3


File used: instances\Jordan\building_hut

Load error


Command: \ent_save

This command is used to save the current editor file


Note: There is currently a bug that will leave artifacts of the game type items when removed or when loading. These artifacts however are not saved to the output file.


When saved, a new folder and an output file are created in your server directory.

These can be found under Edits and the file contains a name specific to the map and game type you were in when editing.

These files can be copied directly into your mods folder to be played at your discretion.

It is recommended to make a new var folder to prevent overwriting existing mods in the event the results are undesirable.


Command: \ent_clear

This command is used to clear all of the items that were added


Command: \ent_load

This command is used to load the ent file last saved


Note: When loading a file that has bsp models that have not been previously loaded, it is normal to get kicked from the server.

If this occurs, simply reconnect to the server and everything will load.


Command: \ent_gt <gametype> <team>

This command is used to load game type items. (Currently supports base game types of Smear the Queer (STQ) and Capture the Flag (CTF) )


Command: \ent_copy <target> <destination id>

This command is used to copy coordinates and angles from the target to the destination item.

<target> can be an entity id number or self as a value.

When an id is used as target, it will copy the coordinates and angles of the target item to the destination item.

If self is used as target, it will copy the coordinates and angles of your current camera view to the destination item.


Command: \ent_dup <id>

This command will make a duplicate copy of the specified item id.


Command: \ent_last

This command  display's the id of the last item created.

Note: When near an item, the id, coordinates and angles will be displayed.



General Commands


The following commands are specific to this mod only and do not include your standard SoF2 commands.


disable_item_gasmask "0"
disable_item_infrared "0"
disable_item_nightvision "0"


0 | 1


Disables the specified item


disable_pickup_weapon_F1 "0"
disable_pickup_weapon_L2A2 "0"
disable_pickup_weapon_M67 "0"
disable_pickup_weapon_M7A3 "0"
disable_pickup_weapon_MDN11 "0"
disable_pickup_weapon_OICW "0"


0 | 1 | 2


Disables the specified weapon


g_adminGhosting "0"


0 | 1


Enables admin ghosting while in-game and dead (Reload Button)

Ghosting allows the user to spectate other players regardless of their team.

While ghosting, the administrator will appear as dead.


g_allowColorNames "1"


0 | 1


Allows use of color in player names

When disabled, users will only be displayed with their corresponding team's colors.


g_allowThirdperson "1"


0 | 1


Allows use of third-person feature

When disabled, users are unable to use the third-person option (cg_thirdperson "1")


g_altGametype "0"


0 | 1 | 2 | 3


Enables specific alternate game-types

0 = Survival -- Not functional at the moment

1 = Zombie -- Not functional at the moment

2 = Zombie Deathmatch -- Not functional at the moment

3 = Gun Game


g_armorValue "5"


1 - 100


Amount of armor in value a dead player will drop

Used in conjunction with g_dropInventory


g_attackerInfo "1"


0 | 1


Enables display of enemy health and armor upon death

When enabled, the last attackers health and armor will be displayed in chat upon death.


g_autoEvenTeams "0"


0 | 1


Automatically even teams

When enabled, the server will automatically even the teams when there are even numbers of players available.


g_blueDC "0.8, 1.0, 0.6"


Red, Green, Blue

0-1.0, 0-1.0, 0-1.0



Specifies the color of the blue teams data text that is displayed on the scoreboard.

This includes ID, Ping, Accuracy etc...


g_blueHC "0.3, 0.3, 1.0" 


Red, Green, Blue

0-1.0, 0-1.0, 0-1.0


Specifies the color of the blue teams scoreboard header


g_blueName "BLUE"





Specifies the caption/custom name of the blue team


g_blueNC "0.3, 0.3, 1.0"


Red, Green, Blue

0-1.0, 0-1.0, 0-1.0


Specifies the color of the blue teams player names (Non Scoreboard)


g_blueSC "0.0, 0.0, 0.0" 


Red, Green, Blue

0-1.0, 0-1.0, 0-1.0


Specifies the color of the blue teams player names that are displayed on the scoreboard


g_botDelay "5" 




The amount of delay before a bot is loaded automatically when using bot_minPlayers


weights_weapon_AK_74 "0.83, 1.14"
weights_weapon_AN_M14 "0.98, 1.03"
weights_weapon_F1 "0.97, 1.03"
weights_weapon_knife" "1.0, 1.0"
weights_weapon_L2A2 "0.97, 1.03"
weights_weapon_M15 "0.98, 1.03"
weights_weapon_M19 "0.9, 1.05"
weights_weapon_M3A1 "0.85, 1.1"
weights_weapon_M4 "0.83, 1.14"
weights_weapon_M590 "0.84, 1.14"
weights_weapon_M60 "0.75, 1.23"
weights_weapon_M67 "0.99, 1.01"
weights_weapon_M7A3 "0.98, 1.03"
weights_weapon_M84 "0.98, 1.03"
weights_weapon_MDN11 "0.97, 1.03"
weights_weapon_microuzi "0.88, 1.07"
weights_weapon_MM_1 "0.73, 1.21"
weights_weapon_MP5 "0.84, 1.13"
weights_weapon_MSG90A1 "0.83, 1.17"
weights_weapon_OICW "0.77, 1.2"
weights_weapon_RPG_7 "0.8, 1.22"
weights_weapon_SIG551 "0.82, 1.14"
weights_weapon_silvertalon "0.89, 1.06"
weights_weapon_SMOHG92 "0.98, 1.02" 
weights_weapon_US_SOCOM "0.9, 1.05"
weights_weapon_USAS_12 "0.8, 1.2"


Speed, Gravity

N/A - N/A, N/A - N/A


Player speed and gravity scale factors when using g_weaponWeights


Other commands (Descriptions coming soon)
g_bspFuncs "0"         // -- Enables embeded BSP functions when using map mod files (.ent)
g_bulletTrace "0"         // -- The collision mode of bullets towards players
g_camperPunishment "0"        // -- Enables camping punishment otherwise radius and time will be used for shame award
g_camperRadius "200"        // -- Radius a player has to move past to not be considered camping
g_camperTime "10"         // -- Amount of time a player has to be camping before being punished [In seconds]
g_classicFlag "0"         // -- Enables CCTF mode [Classic Capture the Flag]
g_dmDC "0.8, 1.0, 0.6"        // -- Color of the Deathmatch data text [ID, Ping, Acc etc...]
g_dmHC "0.66, 0.76, 0.45"        // -- Color of the Deathmatch scoreboard header
g_dmName "PLAYERS"         // -- Caption of the Deathmatch team
g_dmNC "1.0, 1.0, 1.0"        // -- Color of the Deathmatch player name text
g_dmSC "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"        // -- Color of the Deathmatch player scoreboard segments
g_dmSTQ "0"         // -- Enables STQ during Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
g_dropInventory "1"        // -- Enables health and armor drops for dead players
g_enableM203 "1"         // -- Enables the M4 Rifle's M203 [Grenade Launcher]
g_extraAmmo "0"         // -- Provides all weapons with more ammo
g_extraTeams "0"         // -- Enables additional teams other than Red or Blue
g_explodePlayer "0"        // -- Explodes/Dismembers a player when blown up (Can cause lag)
g_explosionForce "0.5"        // -- The force of an explosion that is applied to a player
g_flagPassing "0"         // -- Enables flag passing during CTF games
g_ggPadding "0"         // -- Amount of extra kills before upgrading weapons in GunGame
g_greenDC "0.8, 1.0, 0.6"        // -- Color of the Green data text [ID, Ping, Acc etc...]
g_greenHC "0.66, 0.76, 0.45"       // -- Color of the Green scoreboard header
g_greenName "GREEN"        // -- Caption of the Green team
g_greenNC "1.0, 1.0, 1.0"        // -- Color of the Green player name text
g_greenSC "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"        // -- Color of the Green player scoreboard segments
g_godBot "0"         // -- Enables the chance of a god bot being loaded
g_guestList "0"         // -- Enables guestlist feature
g_healthValue "5"         // -- Amount of health in value a dead player will drop
g_intermissionTime "0"        // -- Additional time the "Best Stats" screen will show
g_knifeClimb "0"         // -- Enables knife climbing
g_likeStatusTime "60"        // -- Delay between popularity/hated message display         
g_mapVar "0"         // -- Loads the specified map variation entity reference [.ent]
g_maxBotSkill "6"         // -- Maximum bot skill for non nightmare bots
g_message1 ""         // -- Messages displayed periodically in chat via the interval message settings [g_message1 through g_message9]
g_messageInterval "60"        // -- Time in seconds before the interval messages start displaying and repeat
g_messageRandom "0"        // -- Cycles randomly through g_message# cvars
g_minPlayers "0"         // -- Minimum amount of players required in game before map change is automated
g_minStatKills "1"         // -- Minimum kills required for players to appear on the awards/stats screen
g_missileSpeed "15"        // -- Configures missile speed for homing missiles
g_motd ""          // -- Message of the day [Displayed during map loading]
g_nightmareBots "0"        // -- Enables nightmare bots
g_noRecoil "0"         // -- Disables weapon recoil [More accuracy]
g_noSpread "0"         // -- Disables weapon firing spread [More accuracy]
g_oneShotKills "0"         // -- Enables one shot kills [Extreme Mode]
g_painSounds "1"         // -- Enables enhanced pain sounds for player hits and deaths
g_redDC "0.8, 1.0, 0.6"        // -- Color of the Red data text [ID, Ping, Acc etc...]
g_redHC "1.0, 0.10, 0.10"        // -- Color of the Red scoreboard header
g_redName "RED"         // -- Caption of the Red team
g_redNC "1.0, 0.10, 0.10"        // -- Color of the Red player name text
g_redSC "0.0, 0.0, 0.0"        // -- Color of the Red player scoreboard segments
g_rocketJumping "1"        // -- Enables rocket jumping [Boosted Jumps]
g_sissyForce "0.65"        // -- The force of an attack that is applied to a sissy player
g_sissyMode "0"         // -- Enables sissy mode feature
g_specName "SPECTATORS"        // -- Caption of the Spectators team
g_spreeRewards "1"         // -- Enables killing spree rewards [Homing Missiles, Airstrikes...]
g_sprinting "0"         // -- Enables sprinting feature
g_statsDisplayTime "10"        // -- Amount of time the "Your Stats" screen will show
g_teamHealing "0"         // -- Enables teammate healing
g_teamSkins "0"         // -- Allows use of team skins only when playing team games (currently disabled)
g_teamSpawning "0"         // -- Enables teammate spawning
g_victimForce "0.3"        // -- The force of an attack that is applied to a victim player
g_waterDmgMode "1"         // -- Decreases damage when a player is under water
g_weaponWeights "0"        // -- Enables weighted weapons affecting player movement
g_welcomeMessage ""        // -- Displays a welcome message to each player upon entering the game
g_wpnMod "sof2"         // -- Damage/Weapon settings that your server will use
g_zombieForce "0.5"        // -- The force of a zombie attack that is applied to a player
sv_adminFile "mp_admin.cfg"       // -- File to approved admins
sv_allowDownload "1"        // -- Enables server download [Old system] [Used for non mod clients]
sv_anonymousAdmin "0"        // -- Anonymizes admins
sv_antiCheat "1"         // -- Enables the anti-cheat system
sv_avatarsURL ""         // -- URL to avatars
sv_badwordFile "bad_words.cfg"       // -- List of words that will be deemed bad and cause text and player names to be censored
sv_countryFlags "224"        // -- Number of available country flags
sv_crosshairs "4"         // -- Number of available crosshairs
sv_customAdmFile "custom_adm.cfg"       // -- File containing custom admin commands
sv_customVotesFile "custom_votes.cfg"      // -- File containing custom votes
sv_emoticons "41"         // -- Number of available emoticons
sv_entMode "0"         // -- Enables ent edit mode [devmap only]
sv_extendedChars "1"        // -- Allows use of extended characters in player names
sv_freeSlots "0"         // -- Kicks bots then spectators if server is getting full
sv_guestFile "mp_guests.cfg"       // -- File to approved guests for use with guest lists
sv_infoMessages "1"        // -- Displays periodic information messages to players regarding the mod and server
sv_mapsURL ""         // -- URL to where your map files are located [Cannot use autogenerated file links]
sv_paksRef ""         // -- List of PK3 files to be downloaded by players, space delimited [Example... "myskins mysoundpack myweaponmod"
sv_paksURL ""         // -- URL to where your pk3 mod files are located [Cannot use autogenerated file links]
sv_queueFolder "sound2/queues"       // -- Folder that contains standard queue/victory music
sv_queueFolder2 "sound2/queues/sissy"      // -- Folder that contains sissy queue/victory music
sv_rconFile "mp_rcon.cfg"        // -- File to approved RCON command users
sv_rconProtect "0"         // -- Security feature to protect your Rcon access
sv_silentConnect "0"        // -- Disables chat and sound broadcasting of connecting players
sv_snowflakeFile "snowflake_words.cfg"      // -- List of words that will be used to determine who gets the snowflake award
sv_soundFile "sounds.cfg"        // -- File to available sounds for use in chat
sv_sysopFile "mp_sysop.cfg"       // -- File to approved system admins [Sysops]
sv_welcomeFile" "welcome.cfg"       // -- File containing welcome text
TS3_Address ""         // -- Address to your TeamSpeak server
TS3_Chan ""         // -- The channel the player will be loaded into upon joining
TS3_Pw ""          // -- Optional password to your TeamSpeak server
website ""          // -- Your website [Defaults to MDK if not set]


Admin Commands

Commands (Descriptions coming soon)

MDK Mod Servers

 The following servers support the MDK mod.